Resettlement Programme

The programme is open to any homeless individual who feel they would benefit from a Resettlement Programme which is designed to prepare people for independent living. Places on the programme are available through direct access interviews with a member of the team or through a referral from a statutory or voluntary agency.

The Resettlement programme promotes the opportunity to help residents develop a number of key skills through group work and counselling support. All your dreams may come true with kostenlose spiele ohne anmeldung. All the variety of present day betting holds back available for you!


The Resettlement Team and the resident will work closely with voluntary and statutory agencies to promote independence and life-skills. The Resettlement Team also co-ordinate with those same agencies in maintaining support for the resident for when they move-on from the Centre.


The Resettlement Unit, made up of sixteen beds, is a purposely re-furbished accommodation situated on the sixth floor of the main complex; access is restricted to those residents participating on the programme.

The Centre also has three shared resettlement bed-sits, with 2 residents sharing in each of the bed-sits. These bedsits are equipped with modern facilities; there is a fridge and freezer within their bedroom. A modern desk and other units of furniture comprise to make the room look like home.

Finally the Centre has two resettlement “Halfway Houses” each accommodating up to three people in each House. These houses are for residents to live as independently as far as possible before moving into the community of their choice.

Residents who are initially taken on to the programme are placed on the sixth floor. Through continued assessment residents can progress to the shared bed-sits situated on the 2nd floor of the Centre where they will have more of an understanding of what it is like to live independently. Through the on-going process of assessment, residents can progress to the Halfway House(s).

The worker responsible for administering support for the residents in the Halfway Houses visits the houses to ensure that resident’s independence is not compromised too greatly.

A spacious refurbished kitchen that can accommodate ten residents cooking at any one time. Modern electrical equipment, e.g. microwave and toaster, are available; also within the kitchenette is a comfortable dining area with a television.

Information sharing and I.T. skills are an important aspect on the programme, computer equipment is available for use. Residents are encouraged to utilise all the facilities so that they are enabled to play an active role outside of the Resettlement Programme.


You might be interested to learn more about our programme and our Centre.

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