Christmas Greetings!

William Booth House is now in the process of preparing for its Christmas activities. With 113 residents the Centre makes sure that everyone of them receive gifts on Christmas day (some of which have been donated by various Salvation Army Churches). Activites range from special Film nights, quizzes, games, competitions and Carol Singing. This year the Deputy Lord Mayor will be attending our Carol Service on Thursday 18 December. A Church worship group will be coming to sing to us also. All your dreams may come true with kostenlose spiele ohne anmeldung. All the variety of modern day casino delays to suit your needs!

This year has been a good year. At the end of last year The Hull City Council awarded us with a 4 year Contract to fund our support staff to work with our residents. Tremendous support has been given to the 113 residents by our support workers and outside addiction agencies etc.

We have opened a new Training Centre here funded by a consortium called Community Linx and many of our residents have gained qualifications in numeracy, literacy and computer skills. So we also look forward to giving more of our residents the opportunity to learn new skills and gain more confidence and self esteem.

We take this opportunity of wishing you a very Happy Christmas and Blessed New Year.

Miriam Ellerington

Service Manager

Christmas Decoration

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  1. Hi I’m just wondering whether there is a Christmas carol concert being held at the William booth house in hull this year? If so could you please give me the date and time? Thank you.

    1. Really sorry Chris! We somehow lost a few of our comments until we just updated. Please accept our apologies.

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