Aims and Objectives


  1. To provide short term residential support in a safe, secure and supportive Christian environment, in which residents can live fulfilling, lives in an atmosphere of freedom and friendship.
  2. To continually assess and endeavour to meet the needs (physical, intellectual, emotional, social. cultural and spiritual) of each resident.
  3. To encourage independence and to prepare the resident, where practical, for return to life in the community.
  4. To respect the privacy of each resident, their belongings and affairs
  5. To encourage in each resident a sense of personal dignity and to have that dignity recognised by others
  6. To acknowledge all the basic human rights that contribute to quality of life
  7. To recognise each resident’s right to make choices which enhance their life-style


  1. To provide good quality premises, facilities and resources with the support of The Salvation Army and Salvation Army Housing Association.
  2. To work with Hull City Council to meet the housing needs of homeless in the Kingston Upon Hull area.
  3. To work in partnership with Kingston Upon Hull Social Services to implement residents’ support plans as requested.
  4. To work closely with the Hull and East Riding NHS Trust in accessing mental health service provision.
  5. To provide a flexible service that responds to residents’ individual needs. This includes through the resettlement programme, practical advice and assistance relating to budgeting, cleaning, personal hygiene, social skills and access to local colleges of further education.

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