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William Booth House offers a diverse facility that provides temporary furnished accommodation and support for single male and female, mental health and a full resettlement programme in a supportive environment. Centre staff work closely with statutory and voluntary agencies and housing associations to enable residents to be equipped to enter back into the community of their choice. The Centre offers a safe, secure and supportive environment that enables residents to feel valued and given the opportunity of promoting self-independence.

Supporting People is a Government directed programme that funds and regulates housing related support to a wide range of vulnerable people.

The programme offers support to a wide range of vulnerable people to enable them to live independent lives in the community. These include older people, homeless people, people with learning disability, people with mental health problems, people with alcohol and drug misuse issues, people at risk of offending, people at risk of domestic violence and people with physical or sensory impairment. The list is not exhaustive: we recognise that people do not fit into neat categories and may have multiple or complex needs.

The support service at William Booth House has had regular inspections by Hull City Council – SAHA and The Salvation Army to ensure that we are meeting the required standards set by Supporting People.

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Statement of Quality Assurance

The management of William Booth House commit themselves to provide a high quality service to all residents who live at the Centre, and all employees who work in the same. They will ensure that this commitment is supported by all staff and made known to all residents and other people who have an interest in the work and programme of the Centre. It will have a non-judgmental and clear value base that underpins the programme.

Quality Assurance

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